3 reasons why you will never lose weight

General Weight Loss

To lose Weight seems like an herculean task. Have you ever wondered why losing weight can be so Impossible? You sometimes tried different weight loss tips all to no avail, right? Here are reasons you’re getting it all wrong.

  1. Don’t Starve Yourself

Weight loss can be so annoying, when you try losing weight you are not only fighting against your cravings but also your body, The two hormones that regulate Feeding is Ghrelin (the hunger hormone) and Leptin which is the hormone that is released when you are full. Weight loss reduces the hormone Ghrelin which deceives your brain that you are full,this leads to the stimulation of Ghrelin. Since Ghrelin is the hunger hormone, your cravings will be back making you eat more. This hormone imbalances continue thus making losing weight difficult.

Doing things moderately helps, Increase your Physical Activity or Exercise and reduce food calories. Watching what you eat and exercising is key.

2. A Single Diet cant fix All

When trying to lose weight, don’t ever compare your body system to that of your friend. We have different Body Systems, Everyone’s Body is Unique. Different people have different Genetics, Family History e.t.c. During Weight Loss, it is okay if your diet includes some food you enjoy. Depriving yourself of these foods can lead to not following the Overall Diet Plan you have planned.

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For a successful Weight loss campaign, tailor your body towards a strict eating plan and accept that one diet might not work for everyone. Remember, Be Moderate.

3. Maple Syrup and the likes works for a Short While

Maple Syrup, Grape fruit, Cabbage and the likes all work for a short while, all these diets helps to restrict calories and thus fail to deliver a long term result. Individual often loses interest in a long run and eventually returns to consuming foods with higher calories.

Note, there are no Quick Fix. Weight Lose takes time and determination. Avoid the quick ways and focus on a strict weight loss routine, One or Two pounds loss a week is very okay and it is the easiest to maintain. Always Consult your Physician before you embark on an exercise routine especially Individuals with ailment like Hypertension.

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