What you should know about Obesity

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Obesity is basically a Disorder that is characterized by Excessive Body Fat. This is most times caused by over eating or taking in more Calories than an Individual burn daily. This leads to accumulation of calories which increases body fat overtime. In Obese Individual, fats tends to accumulate around the Abdomen,Hand and Thigh region of the body. Obesity often leads to complications and also serve as a channel for terminal ailments like Cancer, High Blood Pressure, Stroke and a lot more to manifest.
In Obese Individual, there is increased Body Weight

Measuring Body Mass

As stated earlier,Obesity is characterized by increased body Mass/Weight. A parameter known as Body Mass Index is used to measure the Body Mass. Body Mas Index (B.M.I) equals Weight in kilograms divided by the square of the Height in meters.

A table showing different BMI including Obesity

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Most individual with a B.M.I of 30 and above are Obese. Note that B.M.I does not directly measure Body fat, as Muscular Athlete B.M.I often fall on the Obese Category. It is a safe way of knowing whether you are Obese or Not. You can contact your Physician is your B.M.I falls on the Obese category.


Obesity occurs when you take in more calories than you burn overtime. Although, there can be Genetic or Hormonal Factors included. Some Medical Syndromes like Prader Willi’s Syndrome also presents Obesity. But Generally, Behavioral Factors like Eating Unhealthy diets and having a voracious eating habits tend to lead to Obesity.


The Stress to prevent Weight gain can be tiresome, following the steps below can make Weight lose easier:

  • Exercise Regularly.
  • Follow and Maintain a Healthy Diet.
  • Avoid Unhealthy Food traps or triggers that can lead to a voracious habit.
  • You cant eat everything, know what crave unhealthy food for you and avoid them.
  • Watch our Weight.
  • Being Obese.

Being Obese diminishes the overall quality of life either Psychology, Emotionally, or Sexually. Depression might set in leading to low self esteem. Besides, Being fat is not Healthy. Eliminate any cause of Weight gain you have noticed and Consult your Physician.

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