Why am i Fat?

General Weight Loss

Have you sometimes wondered what goes on in the body system?. How many times have you asked yourself ”why you are all of a sudden fat”?. You sometimes wish or desire to have a ”killer physic”, right?. Apart from the psychological effect it has on us, been fat is not even healthy as terminal diseases like High Blood Pressure is associated with Obesity or People with High Body Fat. Sometimes, having a ”perfect body” is simpler than we imagine. Losing weight often times is not as difficult as we feared.


Getting fat can sometimes be as a result of one or some of the factors listed below:

Genetic Factor: This is as a result of genetics, Inheritance are been passed from Parents to Offspring. If an Individual has a Parent with a High Body Mass, High chances are that such individual would have a high body mass too, just like the Parent.

Age: The Age of an Individual also determine how high your body fat is, Weight tends to be gained as we grow older. During Puberty, Changes occur in the body system causing changes in physical appearance. A Child who is fat at Childhood has a greater chance of been fat at Adulthood.

Eating Habits: The Urge to eat has a lot to do on the human appetite. Individual with a Voracious Urge tend to eat Uncontrollably.When we eat more than we burn calories, fat tends to accumulate and increase overtime thus leading to a high Body Fat.

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Physical Activity: A lot of Individual with high Body Fat doesn’t involve in physical activity or Exercise. This is why most people who sit all through while working tend to have a high body fat. This is because no calories are burn, instead, there is a chance of consuming snacks and diet with high Calories which leads to Increase body fat eventually.


It is therefore advised to :

  • Watch what we eat and exercise daily.
  • See a Physician before Planning an exercise routine.
  • Avoid every food trigger that might cause voracious eating habits.
  • Be determine to lose the weight, Weight lose can be Stressful a times but with Determination.

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