Why Stretch Marks?

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Stretch Marks are long narrow stripes that looks like a Scar that appear on the Skin when the Skin Stretches or Shrinks Quickly. Stretch Mark may be normal for some individual especially during puberty. Adolescents that gain weight too quickly are bound to have Stretch Mark. Rapid growing of the Skin causes a stretch, although the skin is fairly Elastic, the normal production of Collagen-a component of the connective tissue which gives the Skin it toughness and elasticity is disrupted and because of that,Scars called Stretch Marks are formed.

Stretch Marks appears on various parts of the body like the Breast, Thigh, Armpit, Shoulders, Buttocks to mention a few. Stretch Marks are very common in the female folks compared to the Male, this doesn’t however mean that Males don’t have Stretch Marks.

A part of the body with Stretch Marks

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People who have a high Body Fat/Obese tends to have Stretch Mark. People with Prominent Muscles like Body Builders also tends to have Stretch Mark. This is because of the rapid changes that occur during muscle gain or body building.

Individuals that uses cosmetic products containing Steroids may also develop Stretch Mark too.

Clearing Stretch Mark can be very tiring and Expensive. Often times Dermatologists must be consulted and Surgery may be considered.

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